SQL Made Easy

Ava is a simple, yet intelligent bot that makes it easy to make sure your team has the data they need. Write a query once, and save it so everyone has access - all in one platform. No more switching back and forth between Slack and a SQL client. Avabot currently integrates with most flavors of SQL and Postgres.


Teammate can't SQL? No problem.

Save the query in plain English so your teammate can run it on their own!

Add to Slack


  • Query

    Simply write your SQL code in Slack and Ava will answer. No need for slash commands, no need to go between Slack and a SQL client. Ava also returns a CSV if needed.

  • Save

    Save popular queries in plain English with the ability to call those labels and pass in parameters at anytime.

  • Share

    Teammates can access saved queries at anytime, so you no longer have to copy and paste SQL code and bug or be bugged to write common queries.

  • English

    After queries are saved, Ava is flexible and your team can query in plain English!


People just like you already love AvaBot

  • I have an entire team of analysts that I work with, however it's still hard to get data when I need it. Ava is changing the game when it comes to speed and reliability for pulling data.

    Shalini Bhasker
    Principal @ Yellow Pages
  • I use Slack to talk to my sales team. It's often hard to get data and keep track of it - Ava and tunnel.ai make it really easy!

    Nikhil Sheth
    CEO @ Sheth Cutting Tools
  • Ava is drastically changing the way the analysts I work with go about getting their data. It's so easy to share queries and I no longer get bothered all day for help.

    Rohan Agarwal
    Software Engineer @ LinkedIn




Get Started
  • 10 Queries per Day
  • 5 Saved Labels
  • 2,500 Maximum Rows per Query

Per Month Per Unit

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  • 20 Queries per Day per Unit
  • 25 Saved Labels
  • 50,000 Maximum Rows per Query

Per Month

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  • 1000 Queries per Day
  • 50 Saved Labels
  • 100,000 Maximum Rows per Query

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